Something to think about

We human race are perfect, but at the same time, far from being perfect. As life passes by, humans take decisions that, not always, are for our own good. Smoking (anything ), alcohol intake (regardless the ammount ), eating white things (salt, sugar, flour based meals) among other very evident things (no matter if we do not mention it here) increase, sometimes dramatically, our odds to have a disease, specially cancer. We take decisions on life, must cope with consequences. There is a BIG difference between divine will and human imprudence. If we do not like consequences, at least let's hope we enjoyed the causes. Bon apetit

PS just remember, not everybody has a sudden death, some of us will face a long stay at bed with diapers instead...

Cervicouterine cancer

You know, papillomavirus causes most cervical cancer. We can take a pap smear, a look to your cervix, and our sister Maria Elena (downstairs) can be the next referral if you need special attention

Breast cancer

Genetics: mother, aunt, grandmother, sister with a breast cancer ocurrence, not other kind or cancer, increases your odds for having it. The other major risk factor is smoking. Together is a very bad combination. Start investigating 10 years younger than the age your mother was when diagnosed with the disease. If you are in a low risk group, and find a new thing on your breast, come first to ultrasound and we will tell you what is the next step to take. High risk patients: be very careful and come ASAP.

If mammogram findings are non conclusive, or yours is a dense breast, you must have a good breast ultrasound. If you feel confused, scared, come or go to a health provider you trust. God is here for everyone

Prostate cancer

Our devices allow us to measure the prostate and its volume, and give us calculations of the PPSA (the highest desireable level of Prostate specific antigen on blood). You can perform that as well as other tests with Eduardo

Other cancer we can help you against

From head to toe, we have experience on eye melanoma, salivary glands tumors, thyroid cancer, lymphoma, liver carcinoma, gallbladder tumors, pancreas cancer, kidney tumors, retroperitoneal masses, colon cancer (being the ideal investigation by colonoscopy, of course), testicular, ovarian and pelvic tumors. In fact, as a part of the government's subrogacy system, we see most oncology imaging control patients who need ultrasound evaluation and follow-up (specially breast cancer cases).