From the beggining

Since the first time you suspect you are pregnant, we can confirm the notice. As soon as you have a menstrual delay, we could spot the presence of a little "gestational sac" inside the uterus (or, in some cases, the abscense of it or find it in other location). To realize if the baby is healthy or not, to count one, two or three babies, to know if you want to the gender of the new member of the family, his or hers well being... we will give you evidence about all those facts

On the next visits

we will have a growing chart, checklist of organs, awareness about risk factors, and congratulations form us about all you have done right in favor of your health

Nearby term

we will give information about prognosis and see the best birth plan for you and your baby

When we are your second opinion

we will tell you what we really think, not what you want to hear. Sometimes second opinions are more drastic than first ones. Anyway, we will NOT do anything or propose you to do anything against your plans without a clear reason. And, at the action zone, if you need something to be done, is going to be done first and explained later. We only guarantee you actions on good faith, and our number one priority is healthy baby, then everything else. I will do as if you were my own daughter giving birth my own grandchild. ( in other words, if you want to deliver standing on your head and can do it without risk, you and me will do it )