Diagnostic ultrasound
Diagnostic ultrasound, integrated on the daily medical practice by the use of B, M, Color, Doppler and Volume (3D-"4D") ultrasound imaging, for a better understanding and treatment of patients.

  • Thyroid
    • Thyroid gland enlargement and/or malfunction
  • Carotid and Vertebral arteries Doppler Triplex scan
      Stroke, TIA, dizziness
  • Head & Neck masses
  • Breast high resolution ultrasound
  • Upper limb Doppler (veins and arteries)
  • Upper abdominal scan
    • Liver, gallbladder and bile ducts, panchreas, spleen and kidneys
  • Female Pelvis (gynecologic)
  • Male Pelvis (oncologic)
    • Pelvic masses diagnostic and follow-up
  • Retroperitoneum
    • Aorta, cava, lymph nodes, illiac vessels, cancer
  • Groin
  • Scrotum
  • Prostate
  • Obstetrics (pregnancy)
  • Lower limb Doppler (Veins and arteries)
  • Special studies / Intervention
    • Fetal well-being
    • Fetal growing
    • Liver and portal vein doppler (cirrosis)
    • Renal arteries Doppler (hipertension)
    • Needle puncture / Biopsy (Ultrasound guided procedures)
    • Follicular scan (Fertility)
  • Trauma / Musculoskeletal
    • Focused Abdominal Scan in Trauma (FAST)
    • Soft tissues masses
    • Shoulder (Rotator cuff)
    • Knee
    • Achilles tendon injuries
    • Tendons & nerves imaging
  • Expert advicing to colleagues
  • Professional's training

Medical office. GP and Reproductive Health consultation
  • Normal & High risk pregnancy control
    • Ultrasound imaging included
  • Gynecological cancer early detection
      Cervix, endometrial and breast cancer
  • General Practice consultation

Natural deliveries and C-section
70% of our births are vaginal, 30% surgical

If and when needed, we refer to other health professionals, offices, hospitals or labs